Race to the swiss ice-hockey cup

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On 11th of February this year, EHC Kloten and SC Bern managed to make the race to the swiss ice-hockey cup Final. Even back then it was surprising that EHC Kloten Flyers managed to make it into the Final due to its place in the NLA standings back then. The Final it self was played at the Post finance Arena in Bern. Kloten couldn’t manage to keep the surprise up and lost the final with 3:1, makeing Bern the first Cup winner since 1972.
This year there is still Lausanne HC, EHC Kloten Flyers, SC Bern and ZSC Lions left in the race. Three of four teams have already been in the Semi-Finals last year! Will Bern be able to defend the title?
We will know more at the beginning of January 2016.



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