The forgotten Champion

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9 championship titles for the team from Arosa

Do you know the TOP three in winning championship titles? Yes, Davos has won the most titles, with 31 and Bern follows second with 14 titles. But who is third?
It is the EHC Arosa with nine titles, who is in the focus of today’s trolling the past. The team plays in the the first regio league at the moment and isn’t as successful as it used to be.… continue reading

The Continental Cup

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They are considerd in being the league’s all time underdog. They have never won the National League A championship title before. But still they have achieved more than Fribourg and Geneva together! HC Ambri-Piotta has won the IIHF Continental Cup twice, back in 1998 and 1999. Back then they have surprised Europe once again as an underdog team and have achieved the impossible. We have rolled up Ambri-Piotta’s past and have asked ourselves if Ambri could repeat that during the NLA Playoffs?… continue reading

I’m lovin it

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Who remembers the fight between Tristan Scherwey and Paolo  Duca over a year ago in Ambri? The young attacker from Bern got into a fight against the clearly stronger Paolo Duca from Ambri-Piotta and got beaten up badly. Not a good memory for Scherwey and we thought we should roll up his passt and have added the video for you on our website below. Watch it again and know why Tristan Scherwey never wants to get near Duca again!… continue reading

Will I ever win the cup?

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Arno Del Curto was born on July 23rd 1956 in St. Moritz. He played for the EHC St. Moritz and GC (today GCK Lions) in the 1st league, the 3rd highest league of Switzerland. With the Zürich SC, he even played in the NLB. But because of a fraction on his ankle, he had to stop his playing career, when he was 21. He was not a bad player, he would’ve maybe played many more years in the top leagues.… continue reading

Hofmann back in Davos

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It is Gregory Hofmann’s second season with the HC Lugano. In his second season with the HC Lugano, he has already scored 13 points and tonight he is looking for a win against Ambri-Piotta in the ticino Derby. Both teams are desperate for a win and need the points in order to improve on their current situation. Will his efforts bring the win that Lugano needs to crawl back onto a playoff spot?… continue reading

Back to the Future

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30 years ago, the playoffs where introduced to the National League A and this system changed our league forever. The playoffs made the National League a more competitive league and have increased the amount of spectators over the past years quite considerably. Before that the teams used to find their champion with the league system, which still gets used by most football leagues all over the world. But what would change if we had the league system back in Switzerland?… continue reading

Berra scores!

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The former EHC Biel Goaltender, Reto Berra, is currently having a difficult time in North America with no NHL games played until now. Above you can see Reto Berra’s first and only goal scored by the Swiss back in 2014, where he played for the Lake Erie Monsters (AHL) and waited for his start with the Colorado Avalanche. But where is Berra now and how could his near future look like?… continue reading