Forgotten Nyffeler

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Melvin Nyffeler started off his career in the National League A with an impressive start. After an injury of Lukas Flüeler, back in 2013, the young ZSC talent got a shot in net and played during eleven games and had an average save percentage of 96%! This should have been Nyffeler’s kick start into the National League A or even the NHL! But after his great performance in Zurich, his performance started to drop and since then he never really made a mark, what happend to such a talent during the past few years and is there a light on the horizon for him?… continue reading

Will I ever win the cup?

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Arno Del Curto was born on July 23rd 1956 in St. Moritz. He played for the EHC St. Moritz and GC (today GCK Lions) in the 1st league, the 3rd highest league of Switzerland. With the Zürich SC, he even played in the NLB. But because of a fraction on his ankle, he had to stop his playing career, when he was 21. He was not a bad player, he would’ve maybe played many more years in the top leagues.… continue reading

Hofmann back in Davos

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It is Gregory Hofmann’s second season with the HC Lugano. In his second season with the HC Lugano, he has already scored 13 points and tonight he is looking for a win against Ambri-Piotta in the ticino Derby. Both teams are desperate for a win and need the points in order to improve on their current situation. Will his efforts bring the win that Lugano needs to crawl back onto a playoff spot?… continue reading

Young, wild and unexperienced

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Fifteen games played by HC Davos and the usual top candidate for winning the regular season is currently only placed on the seventh rank, behind EHC Biel. It seems that the young roster in Davos is having an effect on the output of the team. After Genoni’s leave to Bern, there have been two new candidates for the number one position in net, Gilles Senn and Joren van Pottelberghe. How big has the impact been on this line up change?… continue reading

CHL flyby part two

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HC Davos will be hosting Linköping HC tomorrow evening at the Vaillant Arena and Lugano will also start off at home against HC Pilsen from the Czech Republic. Bern will be hosted by Redbull Salzburg and is looking for a quick and easy win tomorrow night in Austria. We have analysed their match ups for tomorrow night and the following week and have made a forecast for their chance of success.… continue reading

Another Cup without Davos?

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wp-1474928139510.jpgTonight, the first sixteen teams will start off this years edition of the Swiss ice hockey cup. The ZSC Lions will be wanting to defend their title against teams like Bern, Lausanne or Kloten, who have been fighting for the cup during the past two years. Below you will find the list of all the games that will be taking place today and tomorrow. Will Davos be ending its Cup participation again after just one round?… continue reading

Wanting Genoni back?

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With three defeats in the past few games, Davos didn’t have a good start into the new season. During the past three losses against Bern, Zug and Biel, Davos got scored on 12 times and only managed to get 4 goals in return. Even though Davos had a clear advantage in shots yesterday against Bern, they didn’t manage to get the win in the end. Is this the consequence of the missing Leonardo Genoni in the line-up?… continue reading