Playoff Tiger

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Five points are there between the Tigers and the last playoff rank! Along side Kloten, the two teams are fighting for the playoffs and are struggling a little with their goal. As Kloten is having a rough time at the moment, we @swisshockeytrolls think that the chances for the Tigers are slightly better. But will the team from Langnau be able to increase its effort in order to fight for the last playoff rank?

It will be a difficult task, for sure. Five points and one game, separates the team from Geneva, who currently is holding the last playoff ticket. What chances are there for Langnau?

  1. The SCL Tigers have won two out of the last three games against Fribourg and Kloten. We see a team that is willing to fight and this could be the chance for Langnau, as they will be trying to increase their effort towards the end of the regular season.
  2. Nobody is expecting the Tigers to enter the playoffs, they are in an underdog situation and could profit from bigger teams that will be entering the “energy save” mode towards the end of the regular season.
  3. The goalie-tandem, Ivars Punnenovs and Damiano Ciaccio is sharing an equal amount of games played. Both of them are fit and ready for the last run to the playoffs and could play a major role if the Tigers will be able to enter the playoffs.

Kloten and the Tigers will be battling during the last few games of the regular season and it seems that the Tigers are more prepared for these games. If there will be an unexpected playoff participant, it will be Langnau and not the team from Kloten!

The NLA Winter Classic

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The NHL Winter Classic has made its way into the schedule of every season in North America. It attracts a huge amount of spectators with every game and  it seems that every NHL franchise is hosting its own Winter Classic nowadays. A huge success in North America, but what succeeded in the NHL hasn’t made its way into our schedule. Should some NLA teams think of another try? And where could this work?

We remember the first try of a NLA winter classic a few years ago between Geneva and Lausanne. Back then, Geneva was hosting its rival in front of a huge crowd of 30’000 spectators.  Not as huge as the crowds in North America, but still a respectable figure for Swiss crowds. Unfortunately the lack of know-how was a big issue. The ice wasn’t hard enough and the rink wasn’t really up to the job. Adding to that the whole event seemed a little stiff and one noticed the lack of experience. Nevertheless this idea seems promising not only in the NHL, but also in Switzerland.
If these issues could be solved by getting some know-how from over Sea, this idea still seems promising. Not only the teams could be profiting from a Winter Classic, but also the Swiss ice hockey federation. A Winter Classic is a commercial success and attracts a huge crowd, the Winter Classic back in 2014 confirmed this and at the same time commercializes Swiss ice hockey.

First of all we should take a look at the most promising match ups that would attract a huge crowd. These  match ups would therefore be ideal:
HC Lugano – HC Ambri-Piotta
ZSC Lions – EHC Kloten
Genève Servette HC – HC Lausanne
SC Bern – SCL Tigers
HC Davos – ZSC Lions

Where should it take place? Well there aren’t many places in Switzerland, where a huge crowd could find space in an open air event. Football stadiums are still the cheapest and prabably best option.
When? The best time of the year for such games is at the Winter break of the Swiss football league and would therefore be ideal for such open air games.
How? Commercializing an event is the most important thing you should do, to make an event successful. Both participating teams should therefore split the costs to try and attract the biggest possible amount of spectators. In most football stadiums there would be enough space for both, the home and away fans! Splitting the costs and splitting the earnings from such an event could end up in a win-win situation for both participants. Not only would this be a gain for the teams, but also Swiss ice hockey!

A lot seems to be speaking for the repeat of a NLA Winter Classic, still there are some issues there need to be solved to make such an event profitable in Switzerland. With the right marketing strategies and a bit of know-how from North America this could end up on the regular National League schedule!

Underestimated NLA Stars

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There are a lot of talented players on Swiss ice right now and that is why our league is considered in being the third best league in Europe, behind the Swedish Hockey League and the KHL. Not only because of extremely talented foreign players, but also Swiss NLA stars that haven’t made it into the NHL and are enriching our small, but highly skilled league. We have picked out one Swiss NLA star that we think could also be playing in the NHL!

Leonardo Genoni, SC Bern

He is already 29 years of age and is considered in being the best goaltender on Swiss ice at the moment. He has never been drafted and was never really a target for any NHL franchise. A mistake, we think! With his positioning skills and excellent reflexes he can steal games and currently is a major reason for his team’s success. With 94,1 % of all shots saved he is underlining his skill in Bern at the moment. Genoni is an athletic butterfly goalie, who never gives up on a shot and this makes him one of the league’s best.
His previous 10 years in the National League A, of which he mostly played for HC Davos, have been a major success. He is able to maintain solid over a whole season, which has given him outstanding save percentages. With an average of 92% of all shots saved within his past 10 years, he marks an unparalleled consistency.
We @swisshockeytrolls think that he would be worthy of an NHL team! Unfortunately it seems to be to late for him now. But we need to see that 10 years ago, the Swiss didn’t have the same reputation as they are having now, which made it difficult for Genoni being drafted. If Genoni would have been born 10 years later, he probably would have been Drafted!

Who has the best NLA Arena?

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Let’s vote on the best NLA Arena in the National League A! Please chose your favourite NLA stadium and don’t look at the team you are voting for. We want to find out, which team has the best stadium in the whole National League A. By continuing to read this article you will find a gallery with all the arenas of the National League A in it to help you to make your decision for your vote!

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Dropping Kloten

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With 42 points won after 34 regular season games the team from Kloten is situated behind Davos on the ninth rank. After an outstanding start into the season, the team of Pekka Tirkkonen has dropped and there is no salvation in sight. Is this the expected outcome after the team had to decrease its budget under the new leadership of Lehmann? We have analysed the situation and know if there is hope for the playoffs in Kloten.

After some major management changes in Kloten, the team had to resign on some major needs of an in depth roster. Players like Peter Guggisberg weren’t into a deal with less cash and decided to change to Ambri-Piotta, which probably was able to offer a slightly better deal. Nevertheless a player like Peter Guggisberg would have been important for Kloten, due to a lot of experience he has gained during his past 13 seasons in the National League A.
Additionally to this issue, the loss of Tommi Santala to Metallurg last month already has left its scars and these won’t be healing to quickly. The 37 year old attacker has been playing for Kloten during the past 6 years and has always added at least 30 scoring points into the stats bracket of Kloten.
Thirdly there are some issues in net for Kloten, but not only since yesterday. With over three goals scored on Martin Gerber’s net during each game, he is one of the worst goaltenders on National League ice. But this is not a new problem, the lagging of Gerber has been present over the past few years that he has been playing for Kloten. Good efforts offensively always were covering these issues and now with the loss of Santala, these issues are uncovered.

It seems to be going down the standings for Kloten at the moment. With increasing fatigue, the team will be struggling over the last 16 games of the regular season. In the end we think it will be to hard for Kloten, due to the reasons stated above, to reach the playoffs this year.

Players to watch 2017

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Swisshockeytrolls is back and with two days into the new year, the National League is kicking off again. Some of the younger players that will be playing today, may have made themselves a New Year’s resolution with the goal of making it into the NHL during this year. We @swisshockeytrolls have picked them out for you and know, which youngster will be trying to make a mark and most likely will have success!

Jonas Siegenthaler, ZSC Lions
The defender of the ZSC Lions is within his fourth season in Zurich and got drafted by the Washington Capitals back in 2015! The 19 year old is currently under contract with the Capitals and got lent to the Lions in order to improve himself further! It could be the time for him to make it into the NHL with the Washington Capitals. His size and skating abilities make him an ideal player for the NHL and we @swisshockeytrolls think that we will be seeing him on NHL ice in the near future.

Elvis Merzlikins, HC Lugano
After being drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets back in 2014, the 22 year old goaltender could find himself in the NHL soon. He is an important figure for Lugano at the moment and his previous efforts during the past few seasons have been outstanding. A team like the Blue Jackets from Columbus shouldn’t let a goaltender like Merzlikins pass by and could be claiming him soon. Sergei Bobrovsky is the current number one in Columbus, but the back up position seems to be unsure, with Curtis McElhinney covering this position at the moment. This could be the chance for Merzlikins this year!

Nico Hischier, Halifax Mooseheads
He is already spending his time in Canada at the moment and could be the next TOP draft with Swiss origins! He will be drafted soon and he could already be playing his first NHL games in autumn. With 48 points scored during 32 regular season games for the Halifax Mooseheads, he is right on top of two draft prediction rankings. One thing is for sure, Hischier will be the man to watch this year!

Happy New Year!

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Only a few hours left of the year 2016! For our last post for this year, we are presenting you with our best memes from this season, part two! The full review of this season will be following at the end of this season.
We hope you will be having a great start into the new year and wish all our followers a happy new year! Keep calm and continue to follow swisshockeytrolls!