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After the win last night over Denmark after the third overtime period for the Swiss, the national team is now on four points out of three games. Unfortunately they should have gained 9 points out of the last three games, but due to inefficiency of the team, the Swiss haven’t managed to make profit out of their scoring chances and lost to Kazakhstan and Norway, even though they were by far the better team in both match ups. What can we expect from the next few games of the Swiss national team?

Today, the national team will play against Latvia and needs to add a win in order to keep their chances to reach the quarter finals and they will face far worse challenges with games against Russia, Sweden and the Czech Republic. It looks like it will be very difficult for the team of Patrick Fischer to make the quarterfinals this year, as they will have a difficult time with the last three teams. But there is still hope for our national team, as the Swiss team is known to play better against better teams and they will need to confirm this in order to stay alive. After last nights win against Denmark, we can expect a win today against Latvia and there will be another win against one of the big three teams. Unfortunately that will probably not be enough in order to qualify for the quarter finals this year.

Bottom line we need to accept the fact that with the two defeats against Kazakhstan and Norway, it will be difficult to get into the quarter finals, as this were must win games and these lost points will be missing in the end, because it seems unlikely that the Swiss national team will beat Russia, Sweden and the Czech Republic all together.


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