What changed for Bern?

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The SC Bern is the current Swiss champion, but still their last regular season was a disaster! Only a better goal difference than Lausanne (9th rank) spared the team from the capital city from the play-out rounds. And this season we can see a completely different SC Bern. After 33 games played, Bern has already won more points than last regular season after 50 games played. This made us wonder, what has changed for Bern in order to make them more successful during the regular season?

The Goaltender
With Leonardo Genoni, an important figure for a successful Bern has returned. During last season, Bern had to struggle a lot with its goaltenders. As they had to play with four goaltenders throughout the regular season. So far, Leonardo Genoni has played in every single game and is an important factor for Bern’s success at the moment.

The efficiency
Under the coaching of Kari Jalonen, the scoring efficiency has improved quite considerably! It has changed from 8,93% to 10,71% and makes Bern currently the most efficient team of the National League A. Not only should we give credit to the players, but also the coaching of Kari Jalonen, who is the new coach in Bern. He has managed to improve his team to be more efficient in terms of scoring.

The foreigners
Bern has done a good job in improving their roster for the current season. With Mark Arcobello, the team has found the league’s best scorer with already 40 points on his account. Not only is he a sniper, but also a playmaker and this makes him very valuable. Ryan Lasch is the second foreign player licence, who is new in Bern and he also had a big impact on the team’s performance. With 31 points scored, he also is among the league’s TOP 10 scorers.

A lot has improved in Bern, most of all there has been a lot of change offensively and this has brought confidence back into a team that was thought of being to old during last regular season. With this team, Jalonen now has the chance to defend Lars Leuenberger’s legacy and he himself is a big part of the success in Bern at the moment!


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