Unsecured Malgin

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The Swiss NHL rookie, Denis Malgin, had a great start into the new season with the Florida Panthers. With 4 goals and 4 assists scored he has made a mark and still has trust from his coaches. This could change now. With Gerard Gallant relieved from his duties, a new coach will decide over Malgin’s fate in the NHL. What could happen to Denis Malgin after his coach, who had a lot of trust in him, had to leave the Florida Panthers a few days ago?

With 23 games played, the Florida Panthers are on the sixth place of the Atlantic divison and are currently outside of the playoff ranks. With Gerard Gallant relieved from his duties and GM Tom Rowe taking his position for the moment, there will be an unsecure time for the Swiss NHL rookie.

Denis Malgin hasn’t scored during the last 5 games and is in urgent need of some goals or assists in order to underline his spot with the roster of the Florida Panthers. This is where the problem emerges for Denis Malgin and with his new head coach deciding over his fate, there could be a change in trust. Rowe hasn’t seen Malgin, like Gallant has and therefore will more likely send him into the AHL, if he doesn’t deliver some points within the next few games. Rowe is only a temporary solution, the GM of the Panthers is on the search for a new coach and will most likely find one soon. But again with a new coach behind the boards, it will be difficult for Malgin to maintain his position within the roster.

Bottom line, change in staff has taken trust out of Malgin’s efforts and he will need to deliver in order to prove himself in front of his new coaches. We @swisshockeytrolls think that he will soon be sent to the AHL, due to distrust from his new coaching staff.

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