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A hockey player needs a lot of skills to be one of the best. He needs skating skills, stick handling, a good overview and a lot of other things. With improving education within the hockey teams, the players get to train on most of their skills. But there are still certain things that get underrated by the majority of us, skills that could make a difference on key moments. We have picked out 3 underrated skills that can make a big difference.

The Dirty Play
Not an fair way to make a path to score goals, but what the ref doesn’t see is allowed. Some players therefore have the skill to play dirty and commit penalties that aren’t getting punished by the ref. Especially at the boards it is difficult for a referee to see these plays. Even though this is an unfair way to play the game it is still allowed and can decide over tight games.

Keeping Cool
During decisive games certain players are always trying to make their opponent angry, some can’t help it and often start a fight, which usually ends up in the wrong direction. This is why the skill of keeping cool at such verbal attacks is good to have and very important. Only a few players posses the skill of ignoring these attacks totally.

Finding the right words
Words posses a lot of power, not only in the media, but also in the world of hockey. Finding the right words as a key player in the locker room or during a “time-out”, can enlighten a fire of motivation and this can be a game changer. Mostly because hockey isn’t just a physical game, but also a mental one. The mental part often gets underrated even though it is at least 50% of every game.


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