Underestimated NLA Stars

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There are a lot of talented players on Swiss ice right now and that is why our league is considered in being the third best league in Europe, behind the Swedish Hockey League and the KHL. Not only because of extremely talented foreign players, but also Swiss NLA stars that haven’t made it into the NHL and are enriching our small, but highly skilled league. We have picked out one Swiss NLA star that we think could also be playing in the NHL!

Leonardo Genoni, SC Bern

He is already 29 years of age and is considered in being the best goaltender on Swiss ice at the moment. He has never been drafted and was never really a target for any NHL franchise. A mistake, we think! With his positioning skills and excellent reflexes he can steal games and currently is a major reason for his team’s success. With 94,1 % of all shots saved he is underlining his skill in Bern at the moment. Genoni is an athletic butterfly goalie, who never gives up on a shot and this makes him one of the league’s best.
His previous 10 years in the National League A, of which he mostly played for HC Davos, have been a major success. He is able to maintain solid over a whole season, which has given him outstanding save percentages. With an average of 92% of all shots saved within his past 10 years, he marks an unparalleled consistency.
We @swisshockeytrolls think that he would be worthy of an NHL team! Unfortunately it seems to be to late for him now. But we need to see that 10 years ago, the Swiss didn’t have the same reputation as they are having now, which made it difficult for Genoni being drafted. If Genoni would have been born 10 years later, he probably would have been Drafted!

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