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The CHL Final won’t be without Swiss participants, after being voted best ref of Switzerland by, Marc Wiegand and his partner Tobias Wehrli will be umpiring at the Final between Gotenburg and Kärpät Oulu. The game will be played in Oulu, Finnland. The two Swiss refs will be assisted by Lukas Kohlmuller (German) and Miroslav Lhotsky (Czech Republic). Both refs already have some international experiece, as Marc Wiegand was umpiring the Semifinal game between Russia – USA (2:1) in last years U20 world championship. Thomas Wehrli was umpiring the Final of the A-world championship last year.
This great contingent for the two Swiss refs is again the confirmation to us that the Swiss referees belong to the best refs of the world and that we should appreciate the ones we have , because a lot of umpiring in, for example the NHL, can be far worse (!). We think that the recently posted Ref ranking by “Blick” was written by someone, who has never done umpiring before and has no idea of how difficult it is for a handful of people to guide a hockey game. The Swiss refs are all more than sufficient and this is the reason, why we get chosen for umpiring finals,

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