The unseen B-Heroes

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Scoring goals is an important thing to win games, but giving the decisive assist is equally important. And also the National League B is having a lot of players that aren’t famous in scoring goals, but are equally important for key plays. These players usually stand out with a big number of assists and an impressive +/- rating. We have picked out these unseen heros of the National League B and know which players are equally as important to the goal getter.

R. Player Team Assists +/-
1. Jeff Campbell A SC Langenthal 27 +17
2. Konstantin Schmidt A HC Ajoie 22 +15
3. Frédéric Iglesias D La-Chaux-de-Fonds 19 +19
4. Adam Hasani A Red Ice Martigny 19 +12
5. Jordane Hauert D HC Ajoie 16 +18
6. Laurent Meunier A HC La Chaux-de-Fonds 13 +10
7. Tobias Bucher A EHC Visp 10 +11
8. Claudio Cadonau D SC Langenthal 9 +11
9. Michael Völlmin D SC Langenthal 8 +12
10. Luca Zanatta D Red Ice Martigny 7 +10

This ranking was made by choosing all players, with a +/- rating above 9 and with less than 10 goals scored until now.

D=Defenceman A=Attacker

These players are the initiators of a huge number of attacks, which lead to goals in the end. They don’t score that often, but still they should be equally appreciated by their fans.

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