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These are two well known players to hockey fans in Switzerland, especially to Davos fans. We are talking about the two NHL players Joe Thornton and Rick Nash, who both came to Switzerland in the 04/05 lockout season to win the Spengler cup and the Swiss championship with their team HC Davos. Joe Thornton scored in his lockout season with the HC Davos 54 points in 40 regular season games (10 goals, 44 assists) and Rick Nash marked similar stats with 46 points in 44 games (26 goals, 20 assists), they played in the same line along side their NHL team mate Niklas Hagman. Thornton and Nash still keep close contact with their former coach Arno del Curto and go to train with the team for almost a month in the off season months in every Summer. Both players returned to Davos in the 12/13 season due to a lock out in the NHL, but this time the two players weren’t accompanied by there former line mate Niklas Hagman. The second lock out season in Davos wasn’t as successful as their first time round, as they had to return into the NHL in the middle of the NLA season, due to a start of a shortend season in the NHL.

Who is Joe Thornton?
The 36 year old Canadian player was drafted first overall in the 1997 season by the Boston Bruins and got to play his first NHL season in the same year. After the 04/05 season in Davos, Thornton got a restricted free agent and was traded to the San Jose Sharks, where he has been playing until the present day. Thornton has never won the Stanley cup until  now, but was able to win three gold medals with the Canadian national team. He has so far played in 1333 NHL games and has scored 1300 points (!) (367 goals, 933 assists).

Who is Rick Nash?
Rick Nash is also a Canadian born hockey player, who got drafted in 2002 entry draft (1st overall) by the Columbus Blue Jackets. He played an important role with the Blue Jackets and played there for 9 seasons. After all these years with the Blue Jackets, Rick Nash got traded after the second Lock-out to the New York Rangers and is playing there until the present day. He also has never won an NHL title, the Stanley cup, but has won three gold medals with the Canadian national team. His NHL totals add up to 907 played games in which he scored 730 points (390 goals, 340 assists).

We can summarize that these are two great NHL players, who had a big impact in the performance of the Davos team, especially in the 04/05 season, where they were the most valuable players for the team. But this can be expected of players like Rick Nash and Joe Thornton.

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