The lost must win game

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The Swiss national team needed to play in its first game against the team from Kazakhstan, which was a must win game for the Swiss. The Swiss had a huge amount of chances, of which only 2 shots resulted into a goal for the Swiss and this lead to the first defeat in the end after a shootout. Switzerland gains one point out of this game, but there should have been three after today’s game.

The game, which was clearly one sided for the Swiss, begann in the first period with a goal that didn’t count, due to goaltender interference. But only a few seconds later, Samuel Walser from Davos scored the first goal of the game to put Switzerland one goal ahead. This was also the end of scoring action after 20 minutes of play and towards the middle of the second period, Roman Savachenko managed to score a shorthanded goal on Berra, with a shot from the neutral ice. This was rather an unlucky goal against the Swiss team. The Swiss though kept going and put a lot of pressure on the opposing net, but couldn’t  take advantage of the plus in chances. Starchenko than scored on a powerplay opportunity in the 50th minute to put the Swiss team under pressure. Less than two minutes later Denis Hollenstein equalized the game  though, to force an overtime period, which also resulted scoreless to lead into a shootout. In the shootout there was a lot of scoring to be seen, by both teams and in the end Nigel Dawes ended it for his team to give Switzerland the first defeat of the world championship 2016.

Not a good start for the Swiss, even though they had a lot of chances, the team didn’t seem to get by the goaltender and was clearly frustrated in the end. Hopefully this bad luck won’t continue tomorrow against Norwegen, which is also a must win game for the Swiss.

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