The Horrorclowns

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In order to have a good game, one also needs a good referee to judge the game and leading it throughout these 60 minutes of play. You have voted on the Swiss full time referees Danny Kurmann, Stefan Eichmann, Marc Wiegand, Didier Massy, Marcus Vinnerborg, Andreas Kohler and Daniel Stricker and have decided who currently is the best and most just referee of the National League A. Check out the ranking of our Horrorclowns by continue reading this article!

The big Referee ranking

  1. Marcus Vinnerborg (33% of all the votes)
  2. Danny Kurmann (24%)
  3. Daniel Stricker (16%)
  4. Didier Massy (11%)
  5. Marc Wiegand (7%)
  6. Stefan Eichmann (4%)
  7. Andreas Kohler (4%)

But in the end we have to underline that each referee, who is umpiring the National League A, is far better than a lot of other international refs! This is also the reason, why Swiss refs get to umpire World Cup finals and other international events. So think of it, when judging on Swiss refs the next time or read: Top of Europe

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