The forgotten Champion

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9 championship titles for the team from Arosa

Do you know the TOP three in winning championship titles? Yes, Davos has won the most titles, with 31 and Bern follows second with 14 titles. But who is third?
It is the EHC Arosa with nine titles, who is in the focus of today’s trolling the past. The team plays in the the first regio league at the moment and isn’t as successful as it used to be. What happend to the big EHC Arosa, who was dominating Swiss ice hockey in the 50’s?

The EHC Arosa was founded in 1924 by local football players and staged its first game against the Grasshopper Club Zurich (today GCK Lions) on the 14th of December, 1924. The game was won surprisingly by the team from Arosa with 3-1. But the team only staged friendly games at the beginning. Against HC Davos, the players used to ski down to Davos in their hockey equipment to play a friendly match up. Something one can’t imagine anymore in the modern world. In 1931 the team climbed up to the National League stage and was now among the top teams of Switzerland. Fifteen years later Arosa managed to win against the unbeatable HC Davos for the first time, with 6-5 and started its decade of great success.

The unbeatable EHC Arosa

Between 1951 and 1957, the team won seven Swiss champion titles and had one of the best offensive lines in Europe.  They were also the team that ended an era for the dominant HC Davos and showed the whole league that Davos could be beaten.
After bad performances in the 60’s, Arosa had to descent into the amateur leagues again, but could return in the early 7o’s, which was thought on as nearly impossible. But they returned and in 1980 and 1982 the team from Arosa added the two last Swiss champion titles of the team’s history.
With increasing professionalism in the National League, the EHC Arosa couldn’t keep up anymore with the other teams and with EHC Chur as third team in the National League A, the team from Arosa saw itself financially forced to relegate into the regio league.

Since than, the team was playing in the top amateur leagues of our country and its success was never forgotten. EHC Arosa tried to return in a number of occasions to be back in the National League B, the last time was this season. Unfortunately their petition was declined bei the Swiss ice hockey federation, due to a not sustainable future for Arosa in the National League B.

They will keep on trying to get back into the top leagues of this country and until the present day the history of this traditional team must be rememberd! Since last year the EHC Arosa is calling itself with an AG, as it now acts as an incorporated company. It works hard for its goal, to get back into the National League one day. We are sure they will return one day, but when?

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