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It is happening as predicted, three (Ticino Rockets, Hockey Thurgau, GCK Lions) out of four farmteams are starting to fall back in the NLB standings. But also EHC Winterthur, which had a great start into the new season is starting to fall back and the standings are starting to take shape as they got predicted at the beginning of the season. What has changed? Our conclusion after 14 games of farmteams in the NLB.

Not only the NLA is taking a national team break, but also the NLB! A good chance to take a look at the standings of the NLB!

Rank Team Points
1 HC La Chaux-de-Fonds 35
2 EHC Oltern 32
3 SC Langenthal 28
4 SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 25
5 EVZ Academy 22
6 EHC Winterthur 21
7 Red Ice 20
8 HC Ajoie 19
9 EHC Visp 19
10 GCK Lions 17
11 Hockey Thurgau 9
12 HC Biasca Ticino Rockets 5
In general there are about 14 games played and between the ninth and fifth rank there is a difference of only 3 points. Very close between these ranks and it is remarkable to see the EVZ Academy still in the middle of the standings, but the 0:6 defeat against Langenthal on the 22nd of October shows us that the team will probably end up below the playoff ranks in the near future.
Currently it is looking like the farmteams and EHC Winterthur will end up below the playoff ranks. Time has changed the ranking over the last few weeks and after the first few weeks of the new season, the farmteams are starting to weaken as expected. Even though the EVZ Academy still is within the playoff ranks, they will probably fall back, due to their lack of experience and strength.
It is difficult to keep track within the NLB, as the skill-level still is higher than with the youth leagues of Switzerland and this difference is now showing in the standings. Professional teams like Red Ice, Langenthal and Olten are having the experience, strength and a good mixture between old and young players to be a better hockey team and can keep up their effort throughout the whole season.
In the end we can say that youth teams normally aren’t able to compete with experienced and well structured teams. This is why we @swisshockeytrolls still think that these farmteams belong into a separate league and not into the NLB!


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