Sven returns

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Sven Andrighetto was the fourth liner for the Montréal Canadiens for a long time. He was tha guy that had to change into the farmteam (Hamilton Bulldogs) of the Canadiens a lot. As his contract is running out with the Canadiens, nobody would have thought that he could come back and make himself valuable again. We have written a column about him about a month ago, where we showed his way into the NHL and thought that he would most likely return into the NLA this summer. Read it now! But since than something has changed.

points scored per week by Andrighetto!

Andrighetto has been playing very well for the Canadiens, with 4 assists scored last week! We can also see that his scoring stats are also going up on a regular bases, since the beginning of February and that he has been playing for the Canadiens with out a break since the beginning of February! This could help him to get a new contract with the Canadiens in the end and if Montréal should not make him an offer, chances are good that he will recieve a new contract with another NHL team.



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