Skill vs. Intimidation

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The National League A & B counts on a huge number of Canadian an Swedish players that are looking to prove themselves to either be a key player on Swiss ice or a future NHL star. But European Hockey and North American Hockey isn’t the same thing. Why should a Swiss sports director therefore choose a Swede over a Canadian player and what can they expect from either of these two types of player?

Even though Europe has a lot of different styles of hockey, the Swedish school roughly stands for European hockey and is more similar to every European style than to the Canadian school.

The Swedish school
Swedish style of hockey stands for precision and well thought out plays from A to Z. This reflects in the shootout, where the Swedes are considered in being the most skilled players in the whole world of hockey. Quick counterattacks are a trademark of the Swedish school and that’s why they often spend more time in their defence than their offence. But don’t be irritated by that, they mostly need less chances in order to score than their opponent.
If a Swiss sports director is in need of a skilled and precis player, he therefore takes a look at some Swedish players on the market.

The Canadian school
Canadian style of play stands for something completely different. Their style of hockey is much more physical and is in need of a tough player in order for it to work. The Canadian trade mark is the “dump’n’chase”, where the attacking Canadian team is looking to spend most of its time in the offensive zone, to crush the opposing team. The Canadian school demands a big body and slightly less skilled player. They’re rough style of play should intimidate and crush their opponent, which often succeeds.
A Swiss sports director would choose a Canadian, if he is in need of big body that can crush his opponents in order to intimidate on certain game situations.

Both Schools have their pros and cons and this makes match ups between these two countries very entertaining to watch.

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