Skill before Spirit

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Only a few days left until the world championships in Russia and already the roster for the world championships is finalized and only two players from the SC Bern have made it into the final roster of the men’s national team. Why have only two players from Bern made it into the final roster for the world championships in Russia, after winning the Swiss championships? We know why only Eric Blum and Simon Moser have made it.

Only Simon Moser and Eric Blum have made it into the final roster and they have earned their ticket to Russia, as they are of leading character and their skill-set is good enough for the world championships in Russia too. Tristan Scherwey and Ramon Untersander haven’t passed the final cut and in order to understand this decision we need to see that the SC Bern hasn’t won the national Championships, because of its skill-set. No, they have won the Swiss Championship, because of team commitment and a lot of team spirit. This is why Scherwey and Undersander haven’t made the cut. They are good players in a perfectly trimmed team like Bern it was during the playoffs, but during the preparation for the world championships, the coaches usually are on the search for the best, accounting their skill set as main criteria. Even though this is not always the best option. The Swiss national team didn’t win the silver medal in 2013, because of highly skilled players. No, because of commitment and spirit.

This is why you can ask yourself, if this is a good decision in always searching for the best. Normally a team with a lot of spirit plays better than a highly skilled team. You could see that with Bern in the playoffs, as they have beaten three teams that have had a better skill set, but due to their spirit, they were able to bring the lions, Davos and Lugano down.

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