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Reto Berra has played five games for the Swiss national team in the world championships in Russia this year (until now). He has been criticized for not being a solid goaltender for the Swiss team during previous games, despite his efforts against Russia. But why can’t he be blamed for his efforts? We know why he is playing good games for the Swiss, despite a few mistakes he made.

He currently has an average save percentage of 88,36% and is below a good number of 90%. But he has had a difficult time, as he was covered in shots against Russia and this makes it difficult for him to be better. What one also has to see is that Berra hasn’t been playing that much during the postseason and hasn’t got a lot of practice. Only now he starts to get back into shape. He only got to play 14 games during the post season for the Colorado Avalanche and was spending a lot of time on the bench, behind Varlamov. During his time in the NHL he had good efforts with an average save percentage of 92,2% in his 14 games. But he also played in the AHL, but also there only had 16 games in net. A lack of game practice makes it difficult for him to find his way back to his best.

Bottom line we need to see that he is actually playing pretty well, if we see the lack of practice he had during the postseason and the team efforts from the Swiss national team didn’t help his stats either.

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