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Teams like Langnau, Ambri-Piotta and Biel are having a tough time at the moment and should maybe make a change within their roster to emerge as a better team. Choosing players from the NLB is a cheap way to improve a roster, if one chooses wisely. We have taken a look at the best players of the National League B, who are still before their zenith and would be a good replacement for certain unsure players of weak NLA teams.

Philip-Michael Devos, 26, Center
He has been an important factor for Ajoie last season to win the NLB Championship title, his efforts brought the team to 71 goals during the regular season alone! Even though he is a Canadian born player, he should be an option for teams like Langnau, Ambri or Biel. His contract will end this season and Ajoie will be trying to keep this key player.

Daniel Eigenmann, 24, Defenceman
The Swiss, who currently is playing for La Chaux-de-fonds has already had his chances in the NLA. Over two years have past since he was last seen in the National League A and we think it is his time for a return. With 15 points scored during 20 games and a positive +/- stat he is playing well and probably well enough for certain teams in the NLA.

Konstantin Schmidt, 26, Winger
He grew up in Switzerland and had a short time out in Germany, where he played in the second highest league. His stats started to improve over the past few years and he came back to Switzerland this year to sign a one year contract with Ajoie. During 18 games he already scored 27 times and has a great +/- stat. His contract hasn’t been extended yet and probably is waiting for a chance in the National League A.

Tim Wolf, 24, Goaltender
He started off his career with the ZSC Lions and never really had a chance behind Lukas Flüeler and went to play for other NLA teams like Ambri and Rapperswil-Jona Lakers (2014). He never really found his place, but still we think that he has the potential to play in the NLA. His current stats in La Chaux-de Fonds underline that. With an average save percentage of 91,2% he should be good enough for the National League A.

Four players from the National League B that we think would be more suited for the National League A. They are still young and are still improving on their hockey skills and would be way better than certain players that play in the National League A right now.

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