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Remo Meister and his chances to reach the NLB Final

Three games have been already played in the National League B semi finals and the fourth game will be played tomorrow evening in Martigny and Ajoie. Rapperswil is leading its series against Red-ice Martigny with 3-0 and could end the series tomorrow. The second semi final match up is lead at the moment by Ajoie with an 1-2 edge over Olten. We have been checking on these two match ups and have a prediction of what will happen in those series.

Rapperswil away in Martigny

The Lakers could end the series tomorrow evening in Martigny, as they are leading the series with 3-0. But the games between these two teams were closer as one might think. The last game in Rapperswil was won by the home team with 4-3, even though the away team from Marigny had more chances with 33 shots on goal. But tomorrow Red-Ice will be playing at home and that will give them the advantage of the home crowd. Martigny lost their last game at home with a final score of 0-1, even though they out shot the away team with 37-23 shots on goal! That is why it should be possible for Red-ice to win tomorrow evening at home and to cut the lead of Rapperswil. We @swisshockeytrolls think that Red-ice Martigny could come back into this series, if they manage to be more solide in their defense. But also Ludovic Waeber will have to play his best game in order to make this possible. It will be difficult for Red-ice to come back in this series that is why we think that Rapperswil will win this series with 4-3 in the end.

Rebreak in Ajoie?

Olten has finished the regular season on third place with 8 points in front of Ajoie, who ended its regular season on fifth place. Due to this edge, Olten has the home advantage over Ajoie in this semi final series. Unfortunately Ajoie has already managed to break this series last Tuesday in Olten and now leads 1-2 and will have the chance tomorrow evening at home to add the third win into this series. HC Ajoie has become stronger and stronger in this series. Game one was won by Olten after a shootout and even scoring chances. Game two was than won by Ajoie with much more scoring chances in favor of Ajoie (in total 45-23 Shots on goal) and this continued into the third game in Olten, where the away team won with a final score of 2-5! Ajoie was the better team in the last two games and improved itself massively and this is why Ajoie will win the fourth game tomorrow night at home. In the end we @swisshockeytrolls think that this series will be won by Ajoie after winning the sixth game at home, next Tuesday. This means that Ajoie will win the series with 2-4 in the end.

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