Refs during a video consultation

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Good referees are important for every game that gets played and it is important to pick the right ones! During this years world championships in Russia there are in total 16 referees and 16 linesman that are trying to keep the games fair. Russia, Switzerland and Sweden are the biggest sponsor of refs and linesmen and each support the world championships with two refs and two linesmen. Who is in contingent of Switzerland?

For Switzerland there is Marc Wiegand and Tobias Wehrli, who are both refs of the National League A. Wiegand has also been part of the CHL final and enjoys a lot of  respect from the international ice hockey federation. He has also been part of previous world championships and has a lot of experience in international tournaments such as previous world championships. Linsmen from Switzerland are Nicolas Fluri and Roman Kaderli, who are supporting the refs with icing calls and offside decisions.

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