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The Kloten Flyers after a major change in the management, back in a crisis?

After a winning streak of 4 games, the Kloten Flyers have ended their streak with a 1-4 defeat to Geneva at home. Is this the end for the Kloten Flyers in this season? As they have had  a major change in the management this week (Change of CEO), this result could show, how major the impact of this change is for the performance of the team in Kloten. But one can’t deny that Geneva is also the better team in this meeting and this also has an impact on this result. But how big is the influence of this change in Kloten’s management? One can’t tell that right now, Kloten still is in the playoff ranks, but has the same amount of points as the HC Ambri-Piotta, who won against Biel with 5-1 at home. It will be of great importance that the Kloten Flyers win the next game against Lugano on next Tuesday to stay on a playoffs spot. Will Kloten be able to accomplish this mission?

Secondly, the team of Arno del Curto wasn’t able to claim the 2nd place in the standings, as Geneva won its match up against Kloten. The team from Davos still trails Geneva with one point. Both teams have still 3 games to play and the fight for the second place in the standings will probably continue until the end of this regular season!

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