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Five points are there between the Tigers and the last playoff rank! Along side Kloten, the two teams are fighting for the playoffs and are struggling a little with their goal. As Kloten is having a rough time at the moment, we @swisshockeytrolls think that the chances for the Tigers are slightly better. But will the team from Langnau be able to increase its effort in order to fight for the last playoff rank?

It will be a difficult task, for sure. Five points and one game, separates the team from Geneva, who currently is holding the last playoff ticket. What chances are there for Langnau?

  1. The SCL Tigers have won two out of the last three games against Fribourg and Kloten. We see a team that is willing to fight and this could be the chance for Langnau, as they will be trying to increase their effort towards the end of the regular season.
  2. Nobody is expecting the Tigers to enter the playoffs, they are in an underdog situation and could profit from bigger teams that will be entering the “energy save” mode towards the end of the regular season.
  3. The goalie-tandem, Ivars Punnenovs and Damiano Ciaccio is sharing an equal amount of games played. Both of them are fit and ready for the last run to the playoffs and could play a major role if the Tigers will be able to enter the playoffs.

Kloten and the Tigers will be battling during the last few games of the regular season and it seems that the Tigers are more prepared for these games. If there will be an unexpected playoff participant, it will be Langnau and not the team from Kloten!

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