Olten and the Lakers advance!

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EHC Olten – EHC Visp; A lot of penalties taken at the beginning of the first period by Visp!

Yesterday evening Olten and Rapperswil hosted their quarter final rival and had the chance to advance into the semi finals of the NLB playoffs. Rapperswil was able to tie the series last weekend after trailing against Thurgau with 1-3 in this best of seven series. Olten had to face Visp at home in the last game of the series, as the home team won the last game at home with an unbelievable score of 9-4 (!) it felt confident playing at home again, unfortunately the away game in Visp last Sunday was lost by Olten and it had to go over full stands.

Rapperswil tied and won in the end

Nobody thought that Thurgau would be able to compete against Rapperswil in this series, but it came different. After winning the first game at home with 1-0, Rapperswil got defeated three times in a row and was near elimination. Rapperswil came back! They tied the series after sleeping in the first four games and sill managed to win the seventh game at home with a final score of 4-1 yesterday evening! They will now face Red-ice Martigny in the semi final and still have the chance to play in the NLA qualification rounds.

After a tight series, Olten enters semis

With a two victory advantage the team from Olten had an edge over Visp, but couldn’t profit from that, as they lost game three and four. Tied at two the team from Olten had to play at home and showed off their potential with a 9-4 victory against Visp! A great game, which should have given Olten the winning end in game six. But Visp could hold back the team from Aargau and forced them into a game seven. In the end Olten was the better team and won the game 7 with a final score of 4-2 infront of the home crowd. They will now meet HC Ajoie in the semis, which will beginn this Friday in Olten.

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