Modest Brunner?

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As Roman Josi is back in business in a few days, Brunner is already back at work in Lugano. The former NHL player, Damien Brunner, was predicted with a great future in the NHL, but only two years later he already found himself back in Switzerland. This due to his lacking performances with his second franchise team, the New Jersey Devils. This raises the question of what a talented player like Brunner differs from the current NHL star Roman Josi?

Roman Josi has already completed five season within the NHL and Brunner, who would have had a great future predicted with the Detroit Redwings only managed to complete two seasons. This outcome has a few good reasons, firstly Brunner is quite the opposite character from Josi. Brunner isn’t a loyal player and is always on the search for the best possible contract (f.e. New Jersey Devils 2,5 mio. Dollar contract for each year, HC Lugano 1 Million SFr contract for each year). This behaviour can harm the own performance, which we could see with his bad performances with New Jersey and the lacking performance in Lugano at the moment. But not only his loyality is a reason for his failure in New Jersey, but also his behaviour that often seems arrogant. Even if he doesn’t mean to be arrogant, he still gives an arrogant impression on a lot of us. And if you are a rookie, like Brunner was, it doesn’t need much for a NHL team to drop a player. He might have been a special player in the NLA, but in the best league of the world there are a lot of attackers on the market with the similar skill sets, as Brunner. One rather takes a modest player who seems motivated than a seemingly arrogant player like Brunner. These are all facts that differ him from Roman Josi, because Josi himself gives a loyal impression (already six seasons with Nashville) and also gives a modest impression.


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