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After 50 regular season games were played, march 2016, marked the beginning of the NLA playoffs. Bern surprised us all back then with knocking out the dominator from last season, the ZSC Lions, within 4 games! Kevin Schläpfer was near the National League B, but thanks to Ajoie, the NLA was secured for the team of Kevin Schläpfer. We have collected all our best memes and have summarised what you need to remember about March 2016!

3 games, 3 victories
After three quarter final games were played, all four series were already leading to a clear winner. Bern was leading 3-0 against Zurich and the same was with Davos, Geneva and Lugano. All these teams then managed to keep their lead and were able to advance into the semi finals of the NLA Playoffs. Bern was surprising us all with a strong 0:4 victory against the ZSC Lions, which also lead to Crawford losing his job in Zurich.

No title for Stephan
Not only Zurich was expecting the NLA championship title. Zug was also bound to be in the playoff final, but got knocked out during the first round of the playoffs against HC Lugano. Stephan should have been the key to success for Zug, but in the end he revealed to be a curse. Will he be able to change that this season?

Josi’s franchise record
With 57 points scored during the NHL regulars season, Josi extends the franchise record to be the most productive defenceman the Predators ever had! After 81 games played during the regular season, Josi then had a total of 61 points scored, of which he scored 47 assists and 14 goals.

Bern and Lugano for the NLA Final
After five games and four victories for Bern, the team of Lars Leuenberger advanced into the NLA Playoff final against Lugano, who was able to qualify after six games against Geneva. The NLA final then continued into the next month, April 2016.

No salvation for Schläpfer
After it was clear for Biel that it would have to play the league qualification rounds, it needed to hope for Ajoie. Rapperswil was playing the final against Ajoie back then and after six games and the final victory for Ajoie on the first of April, Schläpfer should have felt some relief. Ajoie, who had no ambitions of playing in the National League A, therefore declined its claim on the league qualification rounds.

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