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Only three games remain for the Swiss national team until the world championships in Russia! The Swiss have already played six out nine preparation games and have won so far three out of six match ups. The national team has played most recently against Belarus and will play against Latvia next week at home in Geneva and Neuchâtel. We have analysed the previous games and know, what the Swiss need to improve for the next games!

The most recent test matches were played yesterday and on Friday evening in Belarus. The first game was won after an overtime period goal by Gregory Hofmann with 1-2. Hofmann could connect to his efforts in the second game with scoring the first goal of the game after 60 seconds of play. Unfortunately the home team was playing better and more intelligent as the Swiss team and scored the equalizer on a powerplay opportunity and scored two more goals a few minutes later in the second to lead after 40 minutes of play with 3-1! In the end Gregory Hofmann added his second goal of the game, to cut the lead in half. In the end no further goals were scored and the Swiss lost the second match up against the home team for the third time in series and will return home today!

After scoring four goals in the previous two games and with Gregory Hofmann scoring three from these four goals, he is the only player not to blame for a rather inefficient team. This is also the main subject that the team of Patrick Fischer needs to improve. The Swiss national team has a high amount of scoring chances, but doesn’t seem to score on these opportunities, which makes them rather inefficient. It is a well known problem from the Swiss national team and won’t be easy to get rid of for Fischer and co. Defensively the Swiss national team is like always playing very solid, but without the necessary goals to add for a lead, this won’t help them if they want to win some games in Russia!

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