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The second home game against the Czech team was played yesterday evening and was lost in overtime, after winning the first game in Visp, last Wednesday. The team of Fischer and co. was trailing the game yesterday evening until the final minutes of regulation, where Felicien Du Bois tied it at one to force an overtime period. Unfortunately the game was lost in the end after a late goal by the Czech team to end the game at 1-2 in favor of the away team. We have analysed the game and know what needs to be improved in order to win next week in Belarus.

Needs to improve:

  • The powerplay needs to improve, as the Swiss national team had 14 powerplay minutes to their advantage and didn’t manage to score on one single opportunity. The offensive special team seemed static and this lowers the creativity of the Swiss powerplay. The Swiss need to improve their movement in a powerplay in order to intimidate their opponents!
  • The line chemistry seems to be not ideal, as the team had 54 shots on goal and only managed to score on one of these shots! This clearly is not enough and this is an indicator of insufficient line chemistry. Patrick Fischer and his coaching staff should think of new line possibilities, which could score more often.


  • The roster seems to be the right one until now, as the players seem to fight for each other, which is a good thing for the team’s potential. Even though certain players will be replaced by players from Bern and Lugano, the team seems to fight together and has a spirit, which gets built together by their coaches.
  • The goaltending by Robert Mayer was a good performance last night, even though his team lost in the end.

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