Learning from the NHL

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The National League A is one of the world’s best leagues and still there are a few things that we could improve in order to make our league more enjoyable for both the fans and the players. Because of that we took a look at the world’s best league and have found a few things that we could learn from the National Hockey League. What does the NHL provide, which the NLA does not?

The physical game
The NLA is one of the best skilled leagues of the world, but within the physical game there is still a lot to learn from North America. The NHL is not only the best skilled league of the world, but also provides a lot of physical gameplay within the match ups. The smaller rinks in North America make it easier for teams to play rough and this has a good reason. In order to attract more fans, rough gameplay is a “must have” for the teams. Winning games nowadays is not enough anymore to gain spectators, a huge crowd also demands a rough game.

The fights
We almost never see a real fight on Swiss ice and this can be both positive and negative. Unfortunately this is also a factor that could attract a bigger crowd and with that there would be more income for the teams. In the NHL it is normal to have a few fights during a game and this is mainly because of the crowd that is demanding these fights to happen.

The Salary Cap
All NHL teams have a limited amount of money they can spend on their roster and this makes the league more evenly matched. Even though there is a lot less money involved in Switzerland, it also would be a good idea to set a salary cap. This salary cap would be set in a way that every team could afford and would make the NLA more evenly matched.

It used to be called the NHL gamecenter and now it exists under the new name NHL.tv. The idea is it to provide every goal and every game to all the fans everywhere and 24/7. It would then be easier to watch the games on the go or during the holidays. The Swiss ice hockey Federation has already started a gamecenter, but still it is pretty simple and has a lot of room for improvement.

The Draft
Another way to make the NHL more evenly matched, is the draft. All teams get the chance to draft the youngest and most talented players. As a second measure, the worst teams of the postseason get to select their players first, which gives them the chance to select the very best. And this would also be something to improve our league in order to make it more evenly matched.


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