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The ZSC Lions, SC Bern and EV Zug are leading the league. Zug is on the third rank behind Bern and has an edge over Lausanne (4th rank) with 15 points! A huge lead over the other teams at the moment and these three teams will probably fight among themselves to find the regular season winner. Why are these teams well ahead of their opponents at the moment? We have analysed their stats and know what differes them from the others!

The Goaltenders

Bern, Zurich and Zug are having the best goaltenders of the league. Genoni (93,9%), Flüeler (92,5) and Tobias Stephan (93,2)  are having the best save percentage of them all and are saving their team from some defeats with outstanding performance in net! Genoni and Stephan have both already played 30 games for their team, Zurich on the other side is also playing with its back up Niklas Schlegel, this leads to Flüeler only playing 22 games so far.

The Defence

Once again these teams are the perfect example for that a solid defence can win you championships. Bern and Zug are having the lowest goal against number with 66 goals scored on their own net. Zurich is slightly worse with 76 goals against the net of Lukas Flüeler.
This shows us that not only good efforts by the goaltenders, but also by the whole team is very important to have. Due to good defensive work and a lot of back checking by the attackers, these teams are able to prevent a lot of goals.

Line chemistry

It is always a good sign to have your scoring spread out onto more than just one player. This is exactly what these teams are doing! Their team spirit is more advanced and they are able to score on all four lines due to that and everybody knows what his role is within his team. This leads to a good team chemistry where every player gets along with one another and this is considered in being the most important factor of every winning team.

Three key factors that every team like Zug, Zürich and Bern needs in order to achieve its goals. Our research has also proven that the special teams are less important, due to differing efforts within these three teams. Special teams are more important within less skilled teams like Biel or Lausanne.


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