Last season for Hiller?

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The whole season has been terrible for Jonas Hiller and with the last game he has underlined his performance this season, with a save percentage of 40%! The Swiss was playing last Wednesday against his former team from Anaheim and got scored on three times in the first 7 minutes of the game and then got taken out of play by his coach, Bob Hartley. What will happen with him? We have discussed this question for you.

With an average save percentage of 87,9%, Hiller is playing clearly under his potential and the only reason why he is still in the roster for his team, is the injury of his team mate, Karri Ramo. It is the last year for Hiller with the Flames, as his contract is running out and it doesn’t seem like it will be extended, due to his performances in the past thew months. What are his options?
Hiller stated in an interview about a month ago that he wants to stay in the NHL for another two years, but there will probably not be many chances for him to show off his skill, as Calgary only has three games left to play and won’t reach the playoffs this year. Will a team take a trembling goaltender like Hiller? Probably as a back up he could still get an offer with a lower NHL team like Edmonton or Winnipeg, but if not, he will need to return to Switzerland. This would be a big win for his former team in Davos, who is planing to play with Gilles Senn next season and if Hiller decides to come home, he could get an offer by Davos and could delay the NLA premiere of Senn as a first goalie. If Davos wouldn’t take him, which we think is unlikely, there are only open places in lower NLA teams for Hiller, or the the taking out of play of a Tobias Stephan in Zug or the back up status for Robert Mayer in Geneva. Unlikely to happen. If he comes back for next season, Davos could offer him a job!

Unfortunately Hiller has to think of another option in the NLA as his performance is not very good at the moment, with his last five games below 90% save percentage and 20 allowed goals! It would be his best option, as he still is a hockey god for all of us in Switzerland!

We want Hiller back in Switzerland!

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