Lakers or Ajoie?

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The Tigers will face Biel tonight in an away game and will fight over the league qualification rounds. Still it is unsure, if an NLA team will have to play the league qualification. This is because Ajoie wouldn’t be allowed to play for the league qualification, as they don’t fulfill the criterion’s which one needs for the NLA. Rapperswil though would fulfill this criterion’s if they would manage to win the final in the end. Rapperswil or Ajoie? We have made a prediction.

Rapperswil wins final because:

  1. Rapperswil has won 3 out of five regular season meetings and would know how to beat the team from Ajoie.
  2. The team from Saint Gallen is desperate to get back into the National League A and after swiping Red-ice Martigny in the semi final, they are prepared for the final.
  3. Rapperswil has the strongest powerplay in this years playoffs. One goal gets scored after every fourth powerplay, which is a very good number!

Ajoie wins final because:

  1. Gauthier Descloux has the lowest goals against average of the playoffs with 1,5 goals on his net after each game. He provides a lot of security for his team and is the most important player for Ajoie.
  2. Ajoie is an offensive team! With 39 goals scored during the quarter final and the semi final, they know what it needs to score some goals on Melvin Nyffeler from Rapperswil.
  3. HC Ajoie has shown with the win over Olten that they still have enough energy to win against Rapperswil. The team is in playoff spirit with the coloring of their own beards.

This will be a tight match up and we think that Ajoie will be able to win this series in the end, as they now have the momentum on their side. After qualifying for the playoffs on fifth and now ending up in the final. In the end this series could be won by Ajoie with 3-4!

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