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Defensive players usually don’t get the glory of scoring a lot of goals, but they are equally as important. Usually a team builds its roster out of four offensive lines and only three defensive lines. This gives the defence on the other side a lot of ice time and makes it possible for them to play the game we love a bit more than their offensive mates. But who is getting the most time on ice in the National League A?

Player Team Time on ice/game Shifts
Ryan Wilson HC Lugano 25:12 452
Philippe Furrer HC Lugano 24:02 493
Eric Blum SC Bern 23:58 504
Jonas Junland Lausanne HC 23:42 598
Johan Fransson Genève-Servette HC 22:44 503
Bobby Sanguinetti EHC Kloten 22:31 556
Ville Koistinen SCL Tigers 22:24 610
Raphael Diaz EV Zug 22:08 429
Marc Arcobello (Forward) SC Bern 22:04 498
Alexandre Picard Fribourg-Gottéron 21:37 540
Maxim Noureau SC Bern 21:25 465

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