Josi vs. Niederreiter

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Nino Niederreiter has another reason to be sad. Next to not being nominated for the All Star Game in Nashville, his Minnesota Wild lost last nights game against Josi’s Nashville Preditors. After one and a half minutes, the Predators managed to get the lead very early in the game. The two teams were equal the whole game long. There were many chances on both sides.

On a power play in the last period, Josi was able to score the 2:0 for Nashville. The game ended with a 3:0, with a goal into the empty net, which gave the Predators the victory they needed.

Before the game, Josi gave an interview, saying that the Predators didn’t have a good score against the Central Division. Nashville lost their last 5 games and it’s the first victory against a team of the Central Division since December 19th. The last win was also against the Minnesota Wild. Remarkable is the +2 rating of Josi, another good Rating of him.

We’ll see if Niederreiter gets happier in the next few games.

Game stats:

Roman Josi:

  • Shots: 2
  • Goals: 1
  • Assists: 0
  • +/- rating: 2
  • time on ice: 26:26

Nino Niederreiter:

  • Shots: 1
  • Goals: 0
  • Assists: 0
  • +/- rating: 0
  • time on ice: 13:27

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