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The Swiss ice hockey Challenge in Biel is in front of our door. On Friday evening the Swiss national team will meet France in a match up at 20.15 and will then play its next game on Saturday evening against Slovakia or Belarus. After a bad start into the new season, Patrick Fischer is looking to improve his efforts with the National team this weekend. We have checked on the roster and have found a major issue with Fischer’s selected roster.

These are the most experienced players of the national team, concerning their international games played for Switzerland.

R. Player International GP
1. Morris Trachsler (ZSC Lions) 100
2. Timo Helbling (EV Zug) 88
3. Denis Hollenstein (EHC Kloten) 86
4. Eric Blum (SC Bern) 80
5. Philippe Furrer (HC Lugano) 80
6. Simon Moser (SC Bern) 75
7. Raphael Diaz (EV Zug) 74
8. Reto Suri (EV Zug) 73
9. Leonardo Genoni (SC Bern) 54
10. Simon Bodenmann (SC Bern) 52

Morris Trachsler is the most experienced player for the national team this weekend with a total of 100 games played for Switzerland. This already leads us to our worries, concerning the Swiss national team. Patrick Fischer is relying on a young team with less experience on international ice than usual. Players like Andres Ambühl (230 GP) or Julien Vauclair (210 GP) are missing the line up and with that there also is a lack of experience.

The players that got selected are skilled players and have what it needs to win the tournament for Switzerland this weekend, but still we think that the lack of older players could be an issue this weekend for the Swiss National Team.

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