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After the the out for the Swiss national team  from yesterday, the team of Patrick Fischer, Felix Hollenstein and Reto von Arx will return home and will go into summer vacations. Did Fischer and his coaching staff fulfill their expectations or did they miss their target this year? We have checked on the results and stats again and can tell you, how good the Swiss national team actually was this year!

With only two victories and three overtime defeats, the Swiss national team has to head back home. They couldn’t add a capital win over the Czech Republic yesterday noon and didn’t manage to get the necessary 11 points to qualify for the quarter finals. The Swiss have managed to score 20 goals, which is the fourth best number of the group A, but at the same time they have the second worst goals against number and are only in front of Kazakhstan. A good offensive effort and a rather more disappointing defensive effort from the Swiss, which was set majorly during the penalty killing. The Swiss were scored on in every third boxplay situation and in comparison, Canada only got scored on once during 16 boxplay situations. Reto Berra played a solid game and can’t be blamed for this outcome, as he was a life saver for the Swiss national team in a number of occasions.

This years world championship efforts by the Swiss team were rather average, as they especially lost their chances for the quarter finals during the first two games against Norway and Kazakhstan. After that, the Swiss team started to find its way into the tournament and showed a lot of good efforts against Sweden, Russia and the Czech Republic. Unfortunately it was not enough this year to reach the group stages, but bottom line the three Swiss coaches have fulfilled their expectations for us @swisshockeytrolls. They had to lead a national team with almost no experience and for that they have been good enough to stay for another year with their job! SWISSHOCKEYTROLLS APPROVES!

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