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February 2016, we are shortly before the memorable playoffs from last season and a lot was going on back then. Bern was fighting for the playoffs and nobody would have dreamed what came later on the past season. Zurich was on its way to win the regular season and was ready to win its next championship title. We have collected the best memes and have summarised the month for you and know what you should remember!

Lausanne wins the cup?
On the third of February, the Swiss ice hockey Cup Final was taking place in Lausanne. Zurich had the difficult task to win the cup in an away game in Lausanne. A lot of advantages were on the side of Lausanne, but in the end the lions where able to claim the win to get their first cup title of the 21st century.

New NLB teams
During last February, the decision was made to extend the National League B to 12 teams, with the EVZ Acamdey and the Ticino Rockets. Both teams were considered to be new farmteams and therefore launched the discussion, wehter these teams belong into the NLB or not.

An orchestra without its conductor
The last tournament for the Swiss national team right in front of the NLA playoffs was a disaster. With two defeats against Belarus and Slovakia, the team from Patrick Fischer, Felix Hollenstein and Reto von Arx was clearly under its expectations and this was already leading to a bad feeling towards the worlds in may 2016.

Last season for Hiller?
After bad performances in net for Jonas Hiller in the NHL, his return to Switzerland was slowly starting to show threw. Even though he would have liked to have stayed in the NHL a little longer, he wasn’t willing to play the back up role and returned this year to sign a contract with the EHC Biel.

Please help us!
The Canadian Investors were already losing their hope with Kloten. They had to change out their CEO for the EHC Kloten AG right before the playoffs and risked a further crisis within the team itself. The future for the new Investors in Kloten was starting to fall apart.

Who are you?
During the NLB quarterfinals, the Rapperswil Jona Lakers had to face the HC Thurgau and this seemed to be an easy series for the clearly better team from Rapperswil. But in the end, Thurgau was challenging the Lakers with three victories by Thurgau to make it a seven game series! The Lakers were close to elimination back then.

Bye Bye regular season
After 50 regular season games, the playoff participants were found and one of the most memorable playoffs was about to start!

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