Dropping Kloten

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With 42 points won after 34 regular season games the team from Kloten is situated behind Davos on the ninth rank. After an outstanding start into the season, the team of Pekka Tirkkonen has dropped and there is no salvation in sight. Is this the expected outcome after the team had to decrease its budget under the new leadership of Lehmann? We have analysed the situation and know if there is hope for the playoffs in Kloten.

After some major management changes in Kloten, the team had to resign on some major needs of an in depth roster. Players like Peter Guggisberg weren’t into a deal with less cash and decided to change to Ambri-Piotta, which probably was able to offer a slightly better deal. Nevertheless a player like Peter Guggisberg would have been important for Kloten, due to a lot of experience he has gained during his past 13 seasons in the National League A.
Additionally to this issue, the loss of Tommi Santala to Metallurg last month already has left its scars and these won’t be healing to quickly. The 37 year old attacker has been playing for Kloten during the past 6 years and has always added at least 30 scoring points into the stats bracket of Kloten.
Thirdly there are some issues in net for Kloten, but not only since yesterday. With over three goals scored on Martin Gerber’s net during each game, he is one of the worst goaltenders on National League ice. But this is not a new problem, the lagging of Gerber has been present over the past few years that he has been playing for Kloten. Good efforts offensively always were covering these issues and now with the loss of Santala, these issues are uncovered.

It seems to be going down the standings for Kloten at the moment. With increasing fatigue, the team will be struggling over the last 16 games of the regular season. In the end we think it will be to hard for Kloten, due to the reasons stated above, to reach the playoffs this year.

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