Denis Malkin?

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The former ZSC youngster, Denis Malgin, did it again! He scored his second goal against the New Jersey Devils last night and has started of his first eleven games with already scoring four points. It has therefore been the right decision from the Florida Panthers, to keep him in the roster. We have checked on his stats and have analysed his efforts during the past few games and have predicted his near future.

With two goals and two assists, Denis Malgin started off well into his rookie season in the NHL and is looking to stay with the team for this season. Normally it is a difficult goal to achieve, to spend the entire season with a NHL team as a youngster, who just got drafted. Only a few drafts have been capable of doing that, one of those was Sidney Crosby and Auston Matthews will be the next to directly join the NHL after his draft. Will Malgin do the same?

It is difficult to confirm that after only eleven games played. Normally every player comes into a period where he scores less and his efforts are starting to drop a little and this is the danger for Denis Malgin. He has started off well and will need to keep up his efforts in order to stay within the NHL roster. But with the Florida Panthers he will have good chances, because the Panthers usually are looking at the standings from the bottom of the ranks. Currently they are doing not to bad and this flight in high altitude for the Panthers will help Malgin to stay in the NHL. It would have been much more difficult for Malgin proving his talent with a better team like the Blackhawks or the Montréal Canadiens, where the roster usually has a bit more depth.

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