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Only the fans from Zurich, Lausanne and a few others knew that there was a game played yesterday evening in Lausanne, as the Swiss ice hockey cup still is rather a an unimportant event in Swiss ice hockey. But still the two teams wanted to win this cup in front of  the first full house of this year’s cup edition.

The game was started after playing the national anthem and started as expected with a lot of pressure from Zurich. After 8 minutes of play Jan Neuenschwander scored his 4th goal in his season with a counter attack goal for the Lions and gave them a one goal edge over Lausanne. The Lions had a lot of good chances, but only managed to go with a one goal edge back into the dressing room after 20 minutes of play. David Rundblad managed to add another goal with a slapshot, 34 seconds into the second period. With a two goal deficit, Lausanne had the chance in a powerplay two minutes later to cut the lead in half and managed to do that with a rebound goal from Harri Pesonen with the man advantage. After this goal Lausanne started to have better chances and the game started to be evenly matched. In the third period Lausanne started to build up pressure on Niklas Schlegel, but didn’t manage to get by him and his strong performance of Schlegel helped his team to win the Cup! In the final 2 minute of play Reto Schäppi and Robert Nilsson managed to make it clear with an empty netter and a Slapshot from the point to secure the win for Zurich.

The second Swiss ice hockey cup was ended with a final score of 1:4 in favour of the ZSC Lions to win the cup for the third time in the teams history. Even though the final result looks rather one sided, the game was very close (except for the first period)  until the last 2 miutes of the game. The cup is the first trophy for the ZSC Lions in this year, will there be another trophy added soon in the playoffs? This win will for sure add more confidence to the team of Marc Crawford and can be from great importance in a Playoff Final, knowing that you’ve been there before in the same year.

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