An orchestra without its conductor

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Mission of winning the Slovakia Cup has failed for the Swiss national team and its coaches

With two defeats and only one goal scored by Enzo Corvi, the Swiss national team arrives back in Switzerland tonight and will return to their teams for usual business. Rather a disappointed ending of this weekend for the Swiss, as their opponents weren’t too strong, no the Swiss team was just to weak to beat them. The team lost the game against Belarus with 1-3 and got defeated 0-4  against Slovakia yesterday evening. What are the reasons of these two clear defeats against Belarus and Slovakia?

too young and too inexperienced

The team that stood on the ice the last two days had an average age of 24,3 years, which is a whole year younger than the team that played at the Arosa Challenge. The team was set by Fischer and his assistant coaches to check out the younger players, who have the potential to make it into final roster of the national team at the world championships in Russia. Unfortunately the team of this weekend was too young and inexperienced to beat Belarus and Slovakia who played with their full potential. With this said, there also has to be noted that the three new coaches of the Swiss national team would have had to add at least a few players like Ambühl, Hollenstein or Suri to add a structure into the team. This would have helped the team to prepare itself better for the games of this weekend. Without those leading players the team played like we expected it to, like an orchestra without its conductor, planless and without a clear concept. Hopefully the coaches have learnt their lesson out of this weekend and will always add a few team leaders into the roster for a better performance of the team in an international test tournament.

Basically the coaches have done the right thing, in testing a lot of young players with a lot of potential, but without a conductor like Andres Ambühl, there is no chance for inexperienced players to keep up in an international tournament. We hope that the next preparations for the world championships 2016 will be a bit more successful and these preparations will beginn at the beginning of April.

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