Ajoie’s last win

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After winning the regular season, Rapperswil is now behind in the final series against Ajoie. The team from Porrentruy is only one win away from winning the National League B championship title. Rapperswil would need three more wins in order to win the series. All looks like Ajoie would win this series, but how good are their chances? We have added up the facts and know if Ajoie will end it tomorrow in Rapperswil.

Reasons why Ajoie will end it tomorrow:

  1. Ajoie is an offensive team and has already fired 170 shots on Melvin Nyffelers net and will have more chances to score in the game of tomorrow night.
  2. Gauthier Descloux is a big reason, why Ajoie has come so far and this could be his last game in the National League B, as Geneva could make use of him in their own roster. With a save percentage of 93,58%, he will make live for Rapperswil very hard.
  3. Ajoie has the momentum, after winning the last three games against Rapperswil, they will be more determined than the team from Saint Gallen.
  4. Jonathan Hazen has already scored four goals and five assists in this playoff final alone, he will lead his team to victory!

Even though Ajoie has the edge over Rapperswil, we think that the Lakers will find a way back tomorrow evening at home, to force a game 6 in Ajoie. In the end Ajoie will than make use of their home advantage and will win the NLB championship in front of the home crowd.

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